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Enjoy your Tea On the Go!  Limited Edition Barry's Tea Travel Mug.  

About this Item:

  • Keeps your tea warm for up to 6 hours
  • Durable double-walled vacuum insulated stainless steel
  • Capacity 12 oz
  • Weight 339g
  • Hand wash only recommended to preserve surface finish due to harsh chemicals often used in dishwashers. Not recommended for dishwasher
  • We recommend cleaning your Travel Mug after each use with hot soapy water. For a very thorough clean please use bicarbonate soda with water.
  • The Slide lids on our Travel Mug are easy to clean.  You can take the slide lid component off and clean it underneath and pop it back onto the lid.  If the tea has also gone under the silicone piece you can also take this out with a tooth pick or skewer (please do not use a sharp knife as this may damage the silicone or you might hurt yourself!) and just pop that back in too.
  • Please note that extreme caution should be exercised when filling or drinking hot liquids from your product. When placing extremely hot liquids into your product beware of steam that can build up in the sealed product. Exercise caution when opening our products with hot liquids inside. 

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