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Support yourself with our new herbal infusion.  Each cup of Barry's Tea Protect is full of high quality botanicals to help aid your natural defences and protect you throughout the day.   Contains Vitamin C which supports normal function of the immune system.

About this Item:

  • Each box contains 20 individually wrapped teabags
  • Teabags are fully biodegradable
  • Box & sachet 100% recyclable  
  • Great source of hydration
  • Allergen Free
  • Ingredients: Green Tea 31%, Apple Pieces, Hibiscus, Echinacea Root 9%, Natural Lemon Flavoring, Ginger 6%, Cinnamon 6%, Echinacea Herb 4%, Lemon Peels 2%, Vitamin C 1.5%
  • Shipping Weight:  175g (inc. tea & packaging)
  • Box dimensions : L 78mm x W 68mm x H 140mm.


The nutritional values are based on 2g per teabag.  Enjoy at least 1 cup a day as part of a balanced diet & healthy lifestyle.

How to Make...

We recommend using fresh, almost boiling water.  Simply pour over and allow to infuse for 3-5 minutes depending on how strong you like your infusion.

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